Change your smile, change your life!

Are you ready to change your life?

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Do you want to change your life?

Do you want to this to be easy, fast and convenient for you?

Do you want to combine it with a vacation in the Bulgarian clean air?

Who am I ?

"I am doctor Byalev and I will make your beautiful smile possible!"


Doctor Byalev has 8 years of experience in the aesthetic dentistry.

He is the founder of the dental clinic “Dr. Byalev – Aesthetic dental clinic” in Sofia, Bulgaria. He works continuously towards improving his dental practice with understanding for the patients and their needs.

He is among the best specialists in the aesthetic dentistry and relies on high quality, cutting edge medical materials and equipment.

Following all the latest trends in the dental medicine. He is also an assistant-lecturer in the Medical University in the “Prosthetic Department”.

He has specialized in “Prosthetics and Aesthetics” He has defended dissertation on “Metal Ceramic and Zirconium Crowns”. He is the author of numerous articles of the topic “Innovations in the Aesthetic Dentistry”

Why should you choose Dr. Byalev?

  • He will change your life – not only your smile.
  • Dental experience without any pain and any fear.
  • Guarantees you security and safety.
  • Tailored attitude
  • He uses high-quality and innovative materials and technologies
  • Treatment at the highest and most innovative level compared to the European standards
  • A possibility to cover some of the costs of our clients with insurance that covers dental service.
  • Precise documents for the rendered service.
  • Fast treatment performance /from 3 to 7 days/

We guarantee

Professional treatment

In our team, we bring together the knowledge of experienced dental doctors, which is a prerequisite for success. Our goal is to meet and exceed patients' expectations

Tailored attitude

Our team will create an individual treatment plan that suits your needs

Innovative technology

The innovative and high-quality materials and technoligy that we rely on in our practice ensure the quality of the treatment performed to you.

We provide

Fast and problem-free treatment​

Vacation with a smile​

Without pain and fear​

We believe

That the relationship and trust between us and our patients are the most incredibly valuable

That the individual needs of every patient are the foundations of our understanding of the dental treatment that we will perform

We make everything that we possibly can in order to make things work out while providing you with an accessible opportunity for dental treatment in Bulgaria.

Why should you choose me and my team?

High-quality materials

We do not compromise quality and we rely on globally proven dental materials and equipment.

Close to our clients

We understand their needs and we will be right next to them throughout their stay in Bulgaria. Assisting them in every way possible, giving them information of all kinds /transport, bank transfers etc./

24/7 support

Our team is at your disposal any time so that your stay could be as short as possible and in line with the time you have available for treatment.

Without any pain or any fear

Our team takes care of the treatment so it can go without any pain or any fear.

Vacation with a smile

Vacation with a smile Our team will make the necessary arrangements so that you can visit the most remarkable sights in and around Sofia. So, you can enjoy a vacation with a smile in Bulgaria.

Dental insurance

Dental insurance A possibility to cover some of the costs of our clients with insurance that cover dental services.

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